About Us

Although many private investigation firms offer these services, WE SPECIALIZE IN THESE SERVICES.  All of our investigators are INFORMATION & INTELLIGENCE EXPERTS and together we utilize our specialized in-house capabilities and our numerous locations across South Africa to provide our clients with a personal, hands-on, reliable, timely and affordable service.  Our digital reports can be easily merged into your own reporting format allowing you to file your Cases  

Blade Investigations is fully insured, PIPIEDA compliant and has a CSA approved privacy policy in place.  We are members of the Council for Private Investigators in South Africa, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, ASIS International, World Association of Detectives, and Council for International Investigators, Association of Due Diligence Professionals, Association of Independent Information Professionals and Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals and PSIRA registered.

Blade Investigations detectives are trained for hands on surveillance for staking out an individual's home, or a suspicious vehicle or location often under the most difficult circumstances. We successfully investigated various murder cases and missing people’s investigations using our knowledge, investigators and national intelligence gathering network. We have contactable references of individuals and companies whom used our services in the past.